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The distribution and procurement of building materials and architectural finishes supports our collaborative activities in design and execution. We have developed preferential relationships with some of the world’s premier manufacturers of building materials and fine architectural finishes. The experience, knowledge and creativity of our designers, procurement specialists and execution engineers has allowed us to elevate and enrich the materiality of each project we undertake.

We have established a solid reputation for selection, testing, logistics handling, and execution of all kinds of finishes over three decades of working with architectural finishes. Our clients rely on us for sourcing all their building materials needs.

Areen Design

Our subsidiaries around the world are part of a fully integrated operation benefiting from the Group’s ability to design, source, and execute anywhere in the world.

Each product we supply as a part of our distribution network must pass strict industry testing and certification. We work directly with the products’ manufacturers to build long term strategic partnerships.

The Group’s Manufacturing subsidiaries operate 12 plants producing over 3,000 construction related products, covering ceiling systems, bathroom products, architectural metal and wood finishes, furniture and fit-outs, metal structures and façades, specialised doors, waterproofing products and commercial paints.

A handpicked team of experts, assembled according to the needs of each project, tasked with coordinating with contractors, municipalities, ministries, ports of call, and manufacturers. The Special Projects Division handles specific requirements including planning, procurement, pre-commissioning and execution. The Group’s services are designed to meet clients’ needs and requirements supported by a worldwide network of subsidiaries with access to a vast range of products, items and brands internationally.